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Boat Alarm System
Boat Alarm from stealarmor.com
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...2-Way wireless security...  Portable burglar alarm system... The most versitiel invisible alarms on the market...
Boat Alarm Description: White, Includes Smart Battery Charger, 2) Key Fobs, Instructions
STRYKER 2 Boat Alarm Description: White, Includes Smart Battery Charger, 1) 2-way Key Fob and 1) standard Key Fob, Instructions 2-Way
$499.00 + 40.00 shipping
KEY FOB (Standard)
KEY FOB (2-Way)
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Add a extra siren to your alarm.  Hook to the furnished connectors on alarm.  120db / Weather resistant. Can be painted to match surroundings.
$39.99 + 15.00 shipping
$51.49 + 10.00 shipping
$149.49 +10.00 shipping
Extra Battery or replacement.  12volt 3.4ah.  Sealed

User Replaceable**
$49.99 + 20.00 shipping
Has to be programmed*
Has to be programmed*
Works will all models
Works will all models
Fast mode / Maintain
Can be let without monitoring
$49.99 + 15.00 shipping
Similar to illustration
* Requires Programming.   Remove Dome Cap and use program switch to program to your Alarm.
** Remove Dome Cap and unplug battery.  Install new battery and replace end cap.  Plug in design
$425.00 + 40.00 shipping
Portable or hardwired
Listen to Siren
Contact:  contact@stealarmor.com