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STRYKER  Boat Alarm from stealarmor.com
After your boat has been launched you park it somewhere designated for this purpose.  Now you are ready fro a great day on the lake fishing.  What to do with the STRYKER while fishing.  How about using it to protect the tow vehicle.Already have an alarm on it.  If factory it protects vehicle not contents.  If you leave extra equipment or valuables in the tow vehicle, use STRYKER to protect it while fishing  more...
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Boat Alarm System
What to do with your portable alarm once you launch your boat?
The STRYKER alarm is a portable security system.  It has the ability to protect property other than just your boat. Before you launch your boat remove it from the boat and place it in the tow vehicle.  Place it in the front seat or back seat or if you are towing with a SUV how about the cargo area.  No matter where you place it, once armed it will protect your tow vehicle just like the boat.  Offering security to the interior as well as exterior.  If someone opens the doors or breaks out a glass it will blast its loud siren to anyone in range at the ramp. 
This is a very effective way to transform your boat alarm into a vehicle alarm.  Even though you are out of range probably to obtain a 2-Way from the unit, it will still draw attention to a theft in progress.  Why ruin your day on the lake with a surprise waiting for you back at the ramp.  Takes the wind out of a good day.
To make the tow vehicle alarm more effective we would suggest placing under the hood a fixed mount siren.  With this installed it will increase the volume of the alarm gaining additional attention.  This is easily done by purchasing one of steal armors' sirens.  Once your siren is mount, run wire back to the inside of the vehicle, leaving slack so it will reach the spot you are setting the STRYKER.  Secure to alarm plugs on STRYKER.  You now have a vehicle alarm on your tow vehicle.  Catch that big one!
Listen to Siren
Leave the sensor settings where they are set.  This will usually work fine in you tow vehicle. Adjust if neccessary.
Tow Vehicle Alarm
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000 - 1500ft range  No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
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