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Fishing a Bass Tournament is a popular sport shared all over the US.  When the season starts as early as February for some states, Bass fisherman check their gear and travel to a location that sometimes involves staying at at Motel.  The Tournament can last more than one day. Your Motel of choice tries its best to accommodate the rash of pickup trucks and vans
hauling a bass boat
All over the US this scenario plays out during the Bass Tournament Season.  Great anticipation all to often ends in a costly trip. You have done this dozens of time before and you know the routine.  Arrive early, check in and park your rig.  This time period prior to the start of the tournament is when you are at the greatest risk for theft.  The local thief knows you will probably turn in early or at least be distracted with the excitement of the tournament.
You are sharing the room with few fellow Club Members to share the costs. Early on a discussion is started about the security of your rig and tackle.  Do you unload all of it a bring it into the room for the night or hope this town has a handle on its crime rate. You trade stories about a guy that had his gear stolen last year and with that said you decide unload the boat and store all your gear inside the room. 
This is probably the safest way to protect your equipment.  A boat cover is limited when it come to protecting your tackle and electronics
When a tournament is held in a town the local thieves start to droll.  They know you are armed with the latest tackle and electronics that is easy to sell.  They know you don't want to spent your weekend at a police station filing a report for stolen equipment.  They also know that you would also have to return back to the area to follow up on any arrests that might occur.  They know a lot.  But do they know you are ready this season with a device that will let you know if anyone tries to steal your stuff.  Lets do this again.  It would be best that your truck has car insurance just in case something extreme happens.

Arriving at the motel you are requested to park over there with the rest of the boats.  You fold back your cover and insert the key into the STRYKER 2 alarm and turn it on.  The alarm starts blasting.  You wait 5 seconds and hit your Key Fob one time.  The alarm makes two chirps.  You are now ready to replace the cover.  Once this is done you hit the arm button and the alarm makes a chirp sound.  You have tested this before you left home and you know that you are protected with a STRYKER 2 Alarm.  If anyone unhooks one of the tie downs and sets foot on your rig the siren will blast 120db of fear.  What a surprise at 2 in the morning for a local thief to hear this sound and wondering if the motel would empty with 50 angry bass fishermen running toward the awful sound. They know that one local pot head doesn't stand a chance against a Professional Bass Fisherman.  They quickly leave the parking lot and more to another motel to try again that night.
Little did they know that the alarm sound didn't wake you but the sound of your key fob.  Your 2-way key fob.  When the alarm was triggered a signal was send up to 1000ft to the 2-way key fob .  The STRYKER 2 did its job to scare off the thief and notify you of the attempted theft.  Money well spent for sure.  No calling the local police and no spending time filing a report and no quick trip to the local tackle shop to purchase new gear.  Over a early breakfast you over hear your fishing buddies saying they were glad they parked close to your boat.  Your alarm probably saved their equipment as well.
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With your boat loaded with expensive tackle and electronics you set off for a weekend for fishing and fun with your fellow bass fishermen away from your daily concerns.  Arriving at the motel you are requested to park over there with the rest of the boats.  You back your boat next to the rest and locate your room for the night.  This weekend will be something to remember for sure. Get a bite to eat and turn in early because you will need to get up before daylight the next morning.